Entry #1

My website is created!

2008-11-27 21:08:17 by infl1ct1on

I have created a website. You can visit it at http://www.inflictionstudios.com. It will have some games I am creating. I have a small team of people that are helping me. We are creating flash games and movies. We are also creating some 3d games. We do not have that much stuff right now, but I am going to be creating a new site. It will be a website with lots of flash games and movies. (I will only use ones I get permission to use of course.) Be sure to visit my site!


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2008-11-27 21:21:27

Nice site...did you have to pay for the URL?

infl1ct1on responds:

Yeah I bought it from Godaddy for $2.99. I got it cheap because I also bought hosting. Thanks for the compliment :)