Entry #2

NEW GAME ANNOUNCED! - Tempered Storms

2008-11-27 22:01:52 by infl1ct1on

This is a 2d game that I am making with MercNet Studios. It will not be a flash game, but it will be going on the PC and the xbox 360 if we get people to like our game on the PC. We are still in the planning stages for this game, but I will be sure to keep you updated. We had a server crash and all of our files were gone but luckily we had a lot of our files in our email inboxes. I will tell you some basic information about this game.

Tempered Storms is a modern, yes modern, day RPG. It will be 2D. You are a marine and you make allies and enemies. Once again, we are still in the planning stages. The game is being made into a single player game with multiplayer elements

I can not say any more right now, but I will give you a link to the discussion forums for this game once the forums are back online and working correctly.


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2008-11-28 18:35:14

Good luck with that :D. I hope it becomes good enough to go on the 360,cause I would buy it :P. I'll also be sure to check out ur website too!